GMTK Top 20 and Post Jam Update!

What a ride these past few weeks have been!

We went from deciding to participate in the jam just the day before it started, to making the game, to spending the week playing the other awesome games and rating them, and then finding out that we made Mark's list of Top 20 games! 

GMTK has long been a favourite channel of mine on Youtube, as I'm sure it is for many others who participated in the jam. To have Mark not only play our game, but choose it for his top 20 games from the 5477 games submitted in the jam is a huge proud achievement for me as an indie dev. 

But the ride hasn't ended. @swiney and I are still currently working on the game and will be releasing a small update within the next few days or so. Expect some upgrades to the player character, balance tuning, and many other small improvements to the game. Also just important: the controls are now shown in the main menu, so those of you who weren't aware that you can press Space to Dash hopefully will make use of it! 

We're also currently discussing about where to take the game after, so stay tuned for even more updates.

Thank you very much to everyone who played, rated our game and left nice, constructive feedback in the comments. 


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Great! Looking forward to play the update