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WWooooowwwww Love the lighting and particle effect. How do you make them?

awesome work!!

Wait, did I just survived for 1000 seconds (it seems that after 999 seconds the score has a small display bug) because the ball actually get stuck on an obstacle and then just disappeared? Anyway just waiting because there was no goal after that, beating some record. That was my third game after downloading Shooty Ballz! The game is still excellent anyway.


Congrats!! You're the first ever person to uhh 'beat' the game, shall we say... 

I have actually seen that bug happen myself, although it is very rare, haha. Thanks for playing the game! We are still working on turning this into a full game - and it will have some very.. interesting.. changes.  Stay tuned for updates!

Thank you and good luck for the development !


Hello, I had fun playing this game :) ...I have made a review video on Best games from GMTK game jam 2020, and I have include your game review there... Do check it out and also Share and Subscribe to my YouTube channel...Soon I will be uploading a walk through video of your game as well...Once again, Superb work... looking forward for more :)

Thank you for the review!


i survived for 315 seconds there's an exploit you can do that actually use skill's and standing still

also pretty nice game i liked it alot

Thanks for playing! I think you may have played the game just before we released the update, so give the update another try!


Pretty neat, interesting use of loss of control as something that can help you out as well as hurt the green cube.  Nicely done!